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Slayers TRY Transcript Dub assistance

I'm going to be opening a Filia shrine on Mazoku.org. It's already started there, just not officially open yet. Since the main meat of the site will be essays and thesis papers I'm doing, I need to be able to provide some factual proof for some of the citations I'm doing - among these will be dialogue and scenes from Slayers TRY.


That's just a temporary location to show what I've got so far and what I'm talking about, so I don't give away my URL before I'm ready to open the site. ^_^;

I need to write up all 26 episodes of TRY for Still Waters because I need them for source citation for a lot of the things I'm writing up. Those four above have already been beta'ed, bringing the total down to 22. I can do the majority of the work myself easily. There's just *one* little problem.

I cannot always figure out who's saying what because I cannot hear the dialogue (which is why I'm going off the subtitles). I can usually make educated guesses as to who, but not always, and sometimes those guesses are wrong.

I don't necessarily work that fast - at the most, maybe 2 episodes a week, and I already have four fully completed. Is there anyone with a ready copy of Slayers TRY with a dub track who's willing to beta my work and look for at least two things - Wrongly assigned speaker tags, and any glaring, significant difference in the sub and dub translations?

By that last one, I'm thinking of lines that carry totally different implications based off one or two word changes. Xellos' line, "That's the Dragon I know/love" is definitely one that comes to mind in such an instance. (I'm both a X/F and V/F 'shipper, and I prefer objectivity, so the transcripts will not be either X/F-favored or V/F-favored, but rather a fair balance. Creative interpretation will be saved for the essays and thesis papers.)

The way I see it, since I'm looking for a dub beta, one could possibly read the transcript while listening to the audio track, doing a compare/contrast.

I reckon it would take 1-2 hours a week, total, provided I can crank out two transcripts a week. (Little less than 30 mins per episode, plus plenty of wiggle room for any corrections.)

Naturally, I'd give full acknowledgement and crediting for assistance. Any takers? I'm cross-posting this not only throughout absoluteslayers, theslayers, mazokulovers, and slayerstrad, but on the Mazoku.org Forums as well, so if there's more than one taker, I'll be dividing up the beta work between people, and credit them for the individual episodes they beta-read, reducing the amount of work between beta-readers.
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