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x-posted, sadly, to Absolute Slayers. *Hopes she doesn't seem like a troll.*

I wasn't sure whether or not an introduction was needed/disapproved of, but I felt odd just jumping in and commenting on posts when no one knew who I was. I apologize if this seems troll-like, what with the x-posting and all... I'm new to livejournal, which is probably a phrase that strikes fear in quite a few people's hearts... ^.^; However, I've been part of the Slayers fandom for a long while now and moved to LJ to take part in the many communities offered here. I'm a uJ refugee, I suppose. At any rate, I'm a diehard mazoku fan. *points to her icon.* I love the Slayers series to death, and I'm really looking forward to talking with all of you about it. ^.~;
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