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Fanlisting membership problems

This is being crossposted in a wide variety of places due to relevant content, so please accept my apologies if you see this more than once.

Earlier this month, the host site for my fanlisting collective vanished. I've just finished uploading everything now that my domain name points to the new host I purchased yesterday.

However... while I have redundant backups of all my website content, I did not think to make backups of the membership lists off the MySQL tables on the fanlistings. My only excuse is that this is the first year I've ever dealt with databases, and it's also been an extremely hectic year. I have redundant backups of all my files that I upload to my websites, and it just got overlooked because it's created and kept on the server.

If you joined any of the following fanlists prior to today, please rejoin if you wish. All membership data was lost: Childfree; Anime/Slayers: Filia+Xellos, Filia; Anime/Lodoss War: Ashram + Pirotess; Games/DMC: Trish, Dante+Trish; Movies: The Guns of Navarone.

Please accept my apologies. This will not happen again.

Anime and Manga
The Beauty and the Beast : The Xellos and Filia Fanlisting
Pure Gold : The Filia Fanlisting
Sacrifice : The Ashram + Pirotess Fanlisting

The only exception is the Filia fanlisting; if you joined prior to June, 2004, your membership data is intact.

Demon Tears : The Trish Fanlisting
Devil Never Cry : The Dante and Trish Fanlisting

Mind Over Matter : The Childfree Fanlisting

The Guns of Navarone Fanlisting
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