Tiana (haruki_emishi) wrote in mazokulovers,

New guy

Hello there everybody how are you all doing? I just wanted to give a quick hey to let everybody know a newcomer has arrived in the Sea of Chaos. Shoot, I have been going on my seventh year as a Slayers Fan .....god I feel old (I'm only 20 but who's counting? lol). As of late I have noticed that since Revolution and Evolution-R a lot of rps have been popping up in the Slayers Community. I find that to be a good thing actually. I was getting a little crestfallen as of late because there was a sufficient lack of any good ones, or any active ones to boot. Hopefully this new series will rekindle some old Slayers love.

Oh yeah speaking of role playing ...I do like one on one or board style. If anyone needs a character I like to think I am well versed. I haved played Xellos (who hasn't?), Lina, Zelgadis, Rezo, Dynast, Gaav, and a few more. As of right now I am very interested on working on my Dynast ^_^.
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